About us

Gamepoch is a game publisher located in Shanghai, committed to provides one-stop game publishing service and high-end eSports operation to domestic and overseas game developers through its leading industry experience, complete and efficient solution. We maintain long-term stable cooperative relationships with large overseas game companies. For our publishing business, we work with SNK published “THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV” as global day 1 release in China. We also work with Take2 and published “NBA 2K18” in China. For Asia region, we work with Square Enix on “SPELUNKER” and we take care of the localization, including translation and optimize for Asia customers. For foreign game developers, we build for you a green channel to take you into China, the world's largest game market. For China's game developers, we have built a bridge to the world for you to achieve global release.

Chronicle of Events


2016 Jul-Aug, Gamepoch KOF14 & PSVR Offline Pop-up Experience Center


August 23, 2016, issued by the Gamepoch agent "The King of Fighters 14 " officially listed, it's the first time to achieve the true meaning of the Chinese console game's global release.


September 2016 - January 2017, Gamepoch held the first "The King of Fighters 14 " Chinese official e-sports competition.


Jul 26, 2017, Official Announcement of NBA 2K18 China version at PlayStation Conference


Oct 20 - Dec 23, 2017, NBA 2K18 Asia Tournament China Qualification


On August 2, 2018, SONY officially announced the NBA 2K19 will be published by Gamepoch in China. It is the first time the game will feature Chinese Mandarin VO.